Amazing Orchids: The Dove or Holy Ghost Orchid

Dove OrchidThis week’s amazing orchid is the Peristeria elata, an orchid species native to regions in Central America (it’s the national flower of Panama).  I’ve actually seen these beauties at Orchid Shows a few times and they are just the sweetest thing!  They are commonly referred to as the ‘Dove’ or ‘Holy Ghost Orchid‘ because of the tiny little dove that appears to be sitting in the center of the orchid.  These peaceful and elegant orchids do have a fragrance (they smell like beer I hear).  Like many other orchids, the Dove Orchid is used in Chinese medicine and is most commonly used for cosmetic uses–to sooth and clear spotty skin.

Now for the real reason you wanted to check out this post….THE PHOTOS!  Here are a few photos I gathered from about the web.  Enjoy!


peristeria elata orchid


Holy Spirit Orchid


Dove Holy Spirit Orchid


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