Caring for Orchids : It’s not as hard as you think!

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Don’t let those gorgeous orchid blooms intimidate you! You don’t have to have a green thumb or own a fabulous orchid greenhouse like Barbara (I love her greenhouse!)—caring for orchids indoors is a breeze. Orchids are extremely sturdy plants and I’ve found them no more difficult to care for than the average house plant.

My Bill gave me my very first orchid, an inexpensive blooming phalaenopsis orchid as an anniversary gift (many moons ago). Truth is, I was absolutely frightened! I cared for it as best as I could—weeding through (no pun intended) the many orchid care books in books I had found at the local library.

phalaenopsis orchid

Shortly after receiving it, a new shoot developed with five little green buds. My neighbors must have thought I’d gone mad because my screams of joy were probably heard for miles! The five buds bloomed and with that, my passion for orchids was born!

I now have well over 70 orchid plants in my home, several of which I’ve successfully rescued from that sad “almost dead”clearance shelf we’ve all walked by. Nothing gives me greater joy than waking up each morning and seeing my “babies” in bloom.

If this self professed non-green thumb can grow beautiful orchids, anyone can!  I’ll be sharing all of my orchid care tips and secrets on this site.  No fancy-shmancy orchid jargon here, just simple, easy to follow, tips that will keep your orchid babies happily blooming.  I’ll show you how you can care for your orchids in as little as 5 minutes a week!

Warmest wishes from sunny Florida,

Carol :-)
The Orchid Care Lady

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Hi, I am totally new to the “Orchid” obsession!!!  I too have just started buying up the distressed orchids and trying to rescue them.  My man is thinking of having me committed!  If I were not a good cook and housekeeper I am sure he would be letting me go!!!!!  I can sure use all the tips and help I can get my hands on.  Thanks so much 
Tammy in NC

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