Carol’s Orchid Supplies

After many requests, I’ve put together a list of Orchid supplies you can purchase online.  I’ve personally used every item listed here:

Potting Mix:

I highly recommend you repot your babies in Hoffman’s Organic Mix. It does an excellent job draining excess water to prevent root rot.


Traditional orchid fertilizer.  This one is UREA FREE!

Worm castings are my go-to choice for orchid food.  I prefer to buy the large 15 lb bag since it is a much better price per pound, but you can buy this in an 4 lb and 1 lb bag as well!

Another fellow orchid grower introduced me to Super Thrive.  I use this occasionally when my orchids need a little extra boost.  Use it sparingly.


Great way to circulate humidity around your orchids. They even come in cute animal shapes. Pick the Penguin version–you can control the direction of the mist by moving the penguin’s beak.

These come in a variety of sizes.  I personally like them better than pebble humidity trays because I find it is easier to monitor the water levels and to clean!

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Light Meter:

This little guy works!

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Carol Hi, I’m from Australia I have a friend and myself who want to know if
you have a book that can be purchased from you with your natural remedies of pests and disease in orchids.
Can you e-mail me and let me know or where we could purchase a good book covering the subject with color pictures of the problems as well.
Thank you

should i see leaves on a phal kieki before i see the roots ??????

thank you,


dear carol,

should i see leaves on a phal keiki before i see the roots ???????? i am using “kieki grow plus”.  

are you a fan of worm castings liquid.  i have had great sucess but is superthrive better ??????? 



Hi Anne! Yes, sometimes new leaves will start growing higher up on the stem.

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