Growing Orchids Indoors for Beginners : Selecting a Healthy Orchid

I ran into a good friend over the weekend.  We got to talking about growing orchids (of course!) and how popular they’ve become in recent years.  Here in Florida, you can find orchids at the supermarket, Walmart, even the Home Depot!

It is extremely important to note that while the employees may mean well, most don’t know how to look after orchids properly.  They care for orchids the same way they care for all of the other plants or flowers in the store–and as we all know, orchids require a special kind of care!

It is easy for orchid problems, diseases and pests to spread when orchids are not happy in their environment.   So, how do you go about selecting a healthy orchid from the bunch?  Here’s what I would recommend.

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Growing Orchids Indoors for Beginners : Selecting a Healthy Orchid :

1. Orchid Flowers : Examine the flowers for any sign of wilting.  Damaged flowers could mean there are bigger problems (like damaged root systems) lurking.  I personally buy orchid plants with healthy buds (if possible).  I know the plant has not experienced any bud blast and I can watch my new orchid baby bloom (which I love!). :-)

2. Orchid Leaves : Avoid plants with damaged leaves–leaves should be stiff and deep green–not yellowing, soft, wrinkled or spotted.

3.  Orchid Roots : Healthy roots = a healthy orchid  plant.  Avoid plants with black, squishy roots.  These orchids have been overwatered and will require immediate attention and special care.

4. Orchid Plants : Examine the overall plant (leaves, stem, flowers, roots) and even quickly inspect the plants nearby for orchid pests and diseases.  Look for unsual spotting on leaves and flowers caused by fungus, bugs lurking underneath leaves, or other signs of disease.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post Growing Orchids Indoors for Beginners : Bringing Your Orchid Home — I’ll be sharing a tip I learned from Ryan’s Orchid Care email tips that saved my entire orchid collection from death!  See Chapter 2 in his book Orchids Made Easy, for detailed information.

Warmest wishes from sunny Florida,

Carol :)
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Carol the Orchid Care Lady

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