How to Care for Orchids: Repotting Orchids Tips for Beginners

This little tip can keep your orchids happy in their pots for months!


Using Styrofoam packing peanuts (not the biodegrable ones) at the bottom of your pot when you repot an orchid can help provide airflow to your orchids roots!  A few packing peanuts placed at the bottom of the pot allows air to get to the roots and prevents the roots from sitting in soggy saturated potting medium.

Packing peanuts can also be used in a decorative larger pot (allow at least 1″ all around the actual pot your orchid is planted in) to help hold up and stablize your orchid.  Simply use packing peanuts below and around the pot your orchid is planted in, to fill the space in the decorative pot.  Then simply cover lightly with moss.

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Carol the Orchid Care Lady

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2 Responses to “How to Care for Orchids: Repotting Orchids Tips for Beginners”

Hello my name is stephanie and I have an orchid and I was wondering if I should replant it when the roots are climbing out of its original pot I bought it in or can I cut the roots to it but I didn’t want to do that they look healthy and the plant its self looks happy the flowers on it are just beautiful I look at it and it makes me smile every time please help I don’t want it to die thank you 

Hi Stephanie,
Orchids like to be contained and somewhat crowded in their pots. Air roots climbing outside the pot are normal and nothing to be concerned about. Your orchid absorbs moisture from the air with them. You can repot your orchid if you feel it is too crowded. Just be sure to do so when the plant is not in full bloom so you don’t disrupt it too much. Just remember, there is no need to ever cut the roots on your orchid unless they are unhealthy/diseased! Good luck!
Carol :-)

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