How to Care for Orchids Video for Beginners

A friend alerted me to this great video showing just how easy it is to care for orchids.  Enjoy!

Orchid care is easy according to award winning orchid breeder, Dick Wells, and he should know. Wells owns the very successful company Hilltop Orchids where he grows and breeds thousands of beautiful orchids each year. One step into his greenhouse, and you’ll be amazed by the seemingly endless sea of orchids in front of you. As you look closer, you’ll notice that every one of Wells orchids are incredibly healthy and vivacious. How does he do it?

That’s what Meghan wanted to know. So she spent an afternoon with Wells talking about how to care for orchids, and she was surprised by what she learned. While orchids look high-end, they don’t require high maintenance. Isn’t that wonderful.”

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Carol the Orchid Care Lady

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