Orchid Care & Ice Cubes :Why You Should Not Use Ice To Water Your Orchids…

There is a big debate going on out there in the world of orchid care. The topic? Orchid care and ice cubes.

I know this method works for some, but most AOS orchid growers I’ve spoken to live by the drench and drain method. (You can read my post on watering orchids if you haven’t already read it: Orchid Care: How to Water An Orchid.)

So, what’s so wrong about watering your orchid with ice?

Officially….nothing. I couldn’t find any hard evidence that proved watering your orchid with ice would cause serious damage to your plant.

Why should you not use ice to water your orchids?

There are a host of reasons….

1. Most experienced orchid growers will tell you that the first major reason would be the sudden change in temperature. A rapid change in temperature can cause orchid bud blast, that’s why I recommend watering orchids with room temperature water.

2. Cold and wet roots can invite pests and diseases. These problems can spread from plant to plant.

3. Overwatering Orchid/Underwatering Orchid issues. Ice cubes vary in size and the environment varies from one windowsill/counter/shelf to another.  So, using 3 ice cubes every other day might be too little for one orchid and too much for another.

My orchids have been happy for years using the drench and drain method.  I’ve watched them bloom year after year and have had few (if any) water related problems.

What do you think about using ice cubes to water your orchids?  Does it work for you?

Of course, everything you need to know to about orchid care is covered in Ryan’s Orchids Made Easy book. (Including a few VERY important things you need to watch out for involving watering and temperature— and one thing even experienced growers often overlook.)  Sign up for his Free Orchid Care newsletter HERE.

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Carol the Orchid Care Lady

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4 Responses to “Orchid Care & Ice Cubes :Why You Should Not Use Ice To Water Your Orchids…”

the directions on my orchid says to water once a week with ice cube and its dying already. Should i stop or should i water them with water the rest of the days?

I recently bought the most beautiful orchids (moth) I have ever seen and being cheap I bought some that had 2 different kinds(colors) in one pot. Should I remove them after they bloom into separate pots or leave well enough alone until next year? I am new at growing orchids and find this such a satisfying and rewarding hobby. I can’t pass a green house selling orchids unless I see what they have. Right now I want to master moth orchids. I read as much as you offer on your web site but I see nothing at the moment about this subject.

I’ll water my orchids with ice cubes when i see ice cubes in a rain forest. I grow over 200 orchids and they never seen ice cubes and never will. This is the most ridiculous way to water orchids i have ever read. No thankyou I’ll pass on watering with ice cubes. I can’t believe any AOS members would uase this technique.Dave Buresch member AOS and OSWP (Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania.


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