Orchid Flowers and Bud Blast

Orchid, Orchids, Bud BlastOrchids are sensitive to any sudden changes in their environment – and they’re particularly sensitive to rapid changes in temperature.

One of the most common reasons why a newly purchased orchid will suddenly lose its flowers is because the plant goes through “shock” when it is suddenly introduced to a new environment – namely your home.  Healthy orchid plants with buds that shrivel and fall off the stem before they have a chance to open suffer what’s called “bud blast.”

The photo to the left is of a phalaenopsis orchid suffering bud blast.

You can prevent bud blast and flower blast by closely monitoring your orchids temperature changes (see my special post, Orchid Care and Maintenance Tips : Temperatures for Orchids for more info.)  Protect orchids from sudden cool and heat temperatures changes like strong air conditioning/heating or drafts from windows/doors.

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Hi carol, 
thanks for the info but i have another question about temperature. Our house is pretty chilly in the winter and this is my first orchid any other things i can do to keep plant warm? Wrapping cloth around base? Anything other than turning up the heat!!….oil isnt cheap!!!  It did great in the summer and its beautiful but now it lost its flowers, but does have a new bud!!! I am just worried about it for winter any tips will help! 

Good explanation. I really like to read it

The leaves on my mature phalaenopis plant no longer stand up.  The leaves are firm but some are curling under and they part at the center and look like they are drooping.  They are kept in a window and none of the other plants  have this sagging curled look to the leaves.  What is the problem?

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