Orchid Plant Blooming : Time Lapse Video

A friend emailed me a link to this remarkable video of a blooming orchid.
The video was filmed over the course of 8 days.


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2 Responses to “Orchid Plant Blooming : Time Lapse Video”

I was given an orchid as a present on May ,2013. It is like the picture that is shown on this web site that says Ryan the orchid guy.  It had about 7 blooms  and I have been watering it every 7 days w/ a special fertilizer from Fantasy Orchids in Louisville, Co. (1/2t to a gallon of water.  It get gets indirect lighting.  Last wheel we had a. Hot spell and our air conditioning went out and almost over nigh it started loosing blooms. I moved it toga cooler room but it did not help.  All of the blooms are gone now.  Do I  cut it back to the leaves and do I keep watering it every 7 days?  Any help  you can give would be appreciated.  Alsocanyou please tell me the name of the orchid?

Hi Charlotte, The orchid in the photo is a Phalaenopsis–also known as a Moth Orchid. The loss of blooms (orchid bud blast) is probably entire due to the fact that your AC went out. Sudden changes in temperature can affect an orchid like that. You’ll want to cut the orchid spike (stem) back down to the bottom if it has turned brown. You can cut it or leave it alone if it is still green. Continue watering it as normal. Just make sure the roots do not dry out too much between watering. Ryan has a great tutorial that shows you where to cut an orchid after it blooms. I’ll try getting one written soon! Thanks – Carol ps. Have you read my article about watering orchids with ice? It might help!

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