Quick Orchid Care Home Remedy For You: Listerine??

Today’s Quick Orchid Care post is courtesy of Ryan from Orchids Made Easy.  Hope you enjoy it! :-)

I have a quick home remedy for you today……..and it comes straight from our medicine

Today’s secret is Listerine…

Orchid Care, Home Remedy, How to Take Care of Orchids, Orchid PestsListerine has anti-fungal properties, and the
alcohol content also makes it effective against

This “2-in-1” home remedy can be used as a spray
at full strength for short periods (about 2-3
consecutive days is okay) as a preventative
measure on your orchids.

Simply spray your plant lightly once a week or
so, and you’ll have yourself a quick and easy way
to keep away unwanted pests and disease, and
ensure your plant stays healthy.

Just be sure to ONLY use the original (gold
colored) version, because the flavored versions
have added substances that are not 100% orchid-
friendly :-)

To healthy vibrant blooms!

Ryan “The Orchid Guy”

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How’s that for a great Orchid Care Secret!   Thanks a bunch to Ryan for a wonderful guest post!  :-)

Warmest wishes from sunny Florida,

Carol :)
The Orchid Care Lady

Carol the Orchid Care Lady

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3 Responses to “Quick Orchid Care Home Remedy For You: Listerine??”

Hello Carol,

          I have a moth orchid. It’s the queen of my plant collection! This Listerine spraying thing is pretty interesting.My question is to where should I spray the content of Listerine? Is it just directly to the roots? Or flowers only or is it just okay to spray all over the plant?

         I would appreciate your reply immediately as I noticed small white color ant like insects roaming in the roots area of my orchid and I am very worry about this. 

 Thank you and have a nice day.

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