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Phalaenopsis Orchid Care InstructionsHi there, and thanks so much for stopping by my Orchid Care site! :)

I want to let you know that while orchids are a passion of mine, they’re still just a hobby for me — and I find myself learning new things every single day.  (So, while I’m thrilled to be sharing that passion with the world, I can’t claim myself to be an expert just yet! :-))

BUT… I can tell you from one hobbyist to another, probably the most valuable resource in my orchid reference library is a little How-To Guide called “Orchids Made Easy” written by a TRUE orchid expert — Ryan “The Orchid Guy” — who after 30+ years of orchid growing experience, decided to divulge some of the most unusual (but surprisingly effective) orchid tips, tricks, and home remedies you’ll find anywhere.

AND… Ryan has a series of Free Orchid Care Email Tips where he generously gives away a bunch of his secrets for FREE!

You can Click HERE to Check Out that Free Orchid Care Email Tips series for Yourself!

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this little site (it’s still a work in progress).  And happy orchid growing!

Carol :-)

Carol the Orchid Care Lady